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Biodiesel / WVO

Biodiesel has similar characteristics to diesel fuel, notably its viscosity. It can be produced by transesterification of vegetable oil or waste vegetable oil (WVO). Since the early 1990s, the use of waste vegetable oil to produce biodiesel has been growing steadily. Biodiesel and petrodiesel may be mixed in the same fuel tank.

Straight Vegetable Oil

The other approach is to convert the engine. The most common conversion simply provides a way of heating (a heat exchanger) the fuel to reduce its viscosity. Such vehicles often have two fuel tanks, one for petrodiesel, biodiesel or a mixture of the two, for use in starting the engine, the other for the vegetable oil or WVO which is the main fuel.

After starting and running for a short time to allow the fuel heating system to come into operation, the fuel supply is switched to the heated vegetable oil.

There are many theories of the best way of preparing WVO to be used in diesel engines.
One is to let the waste vegetable oil settle for at least two weeks to allow suspended sediments (food particles) and water to settle out in the bottom.
The other, a filtration system to filter out the suspended particles, in addition to the heating (heat exchanger) system is all that is required to run most diesel engines on vegetable oil, be it pure unused oil, or waste vegetable oil (WVO).

SEC Heat Exchangers has developed a simplefied method to determine which "heat exchanger" will suit your WVO/engine requirements. For a "small" engine an M14-20, for a "medium" size engine an M14-30 and for a "large" engine an M14-40 will be sufficient. For your convenience we have provided an order form below. Pricing included shipping.

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M14 Models
M14-20 8" 3" 20 3/4" MNPT 3.5 $183.00  
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M14-40 8" 3" 40 3/4" MNPT 5.5 $246.00  

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